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      Vitamin K3 Leather auxiliaries Chromium salts Cement additives

      As a main form of Vitamin K, it can effectively change into K2 in the animal body, and plays a role

      We now produce three series of leather chemicals: tanning agent series, fatliquor series and auxi

      Chromium salts mainly includes sodium dichromate, potassium dichromate, chromic anhydride and Chrom

      HP-300 Concrete pumping agent is a Naphthalene-grouping & high efficient water reducing agent,

      About us

      Founded in 1992, Haining Peace Chemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and trade of leather chemicals. Over rapid development in past years, Haining Peace Chemical Co., Ltd. now has had the abilities to produce more than 100 kinds of leather chemicals, including tanning agents, retanning agents, fatliquors and auxiliaries, etc.

      We purchased Yunan Luliang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd in 2003. Through optimizing business and management patterns, we expand our industrial chain into the industry of Chromium salts, and greatly improve the total output and quality of Chromium salts. From a manufacturing enterprise of one type of products (leather chemicals), we now have become a comprehensive manufacturing  enterprise of leather chemicals, textile chemicals, chromium chemicals, feed additive (Vitamin K3) and printing and dyeing products.

      Our company commits to providing quality products and offering customers excellent service. With years' experiences in chemical industry, we now have had an extraordinary reputation in the market of China. Sticking to such philosophy of "Equality and mutual benefit, stressing on actual effects", we are looking forward to establishing friendly relationships with customers all over the world for creating a bright future together!


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